College Introduction

College of Environment and Resources was founded in May 2003.  It has been developing in the process of reform and innovation.  Tracing the development process, the college experienced 5 periods.  The first period is the Department of Mining and Metallurgy (one of five departments of Fuzhou University established in 1958);the second period is Department of Geology and Mining Engineering (1981-1993); the third period is Department of Resources Engineering (1993-1995); the fourth period is Department of Environmentand Resources Engineering (1995-2003);the fifth period isCollege of Environment and Resources (from 2003 till now).

There are 3 key provincial disciplines in college: environmental science and engineering, geography, geological resources and geological engineering.Collegehas 5 doctoral directions: geo-information science and remote sensing application system, environmental geotechnical engineering, engineering disaster and protection technology, tunnel safety and monitoring, environment chemical engineering.  There are 4 discipline master degrees in the college, and they are environmental science and engineering, geological resources and geological engineering, safety science and engineering, mining engineering. 5 undergraduate majors are set in the college and they are environmental engineering, safety engineering, geology engineering, human geography and urban and rural planning, resource recycling science and engineering.

There are 80 faculty members, including 62 full-time teachers, 7 experiment teachers, and a total of 13 political and administrative staff.In addition, more than 35 well-known experts and scholars (in China or from abroad) are hired as our part-time (guest) professors.

There are 967 students, including 790 undergraduates, and 177master &doctoral students.In recent years, college continues to strengthen the construction of undergraduate courses and experimental platform.  A number of Fujian provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, the provincial science and technology innovation platform, the provincial key laboratory and someinstitutes have been set up in the college.

In the past five years, the teachers and the students have undertaken more than 80 projects including 18projects from NSFC, 1sub-projects of 973, and 2 provincial major projects; and the fundsfrom government is about 11,000,000 Yuan.  The teachers and the students have undertaken 100 projectsfrom local companies,and the actual funds exceeded 30 million Yuan.  10 provincial and ministerial awards and 39 national patents have benn obtained. 357 scientific paperswere published, and 101paperswere indexed by EI, SCI and ISTP. The faculty have obtained the Best Science and Technology Organization Award within three consecutive years.

The faculty of the college frequently carriy out academic exchanges, and maintain exchanges and cooperation in a wide range and long-term with related agencies in the United States, Germany, Britain, Holland,Hong Kong and Taiwan. Collegesigned a cooperation agreement on the exchange student, including Koblenz Landau Universityin Germany, Kanazawa Universityin Japan, Zhongyuan Universityin Taiwan.

In recent years, the college faculty combined with the construction of "Ecological Fujian", “Western Taiwan Straits Economic Zone " and "Fujian Provincial New Urbanization" development strategy, according to the discipline advantage, professional characteristics and the status, and we culturedmany innovative technical studentsto meet the local economic development and social needs.  Recently,the college has become more influential and well-known in Fujian Province, and  the faculty have made great contributions to the economic development of Fujian Province!